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How It Works

Use Seamless App & Let your Stock reflect your Balance

Whether you sell in cups, Derica, paint bucket, bags,roll,packs,carton. I mean WHATEVER Units you sell, Seamless will represent your stock balance in these Units.

Seamless Web and Android Solutions allows you to sell in your customise units. Very Scalable and easy to use. It allows for customization based on your Quantifiers. You can imagine if a 240 units of a product could be explained as 20 Bags , 2 Packs and 1 Unit. It allows you manage both wholesale and retails sales collections. That's why it is called SEAMLESS App.

Unlimited Users

99.9% Uptime + Daily Backup

Real-time Analysis

Massive Reports


What Seamless App Offers

Inventory Management

Seamless App makes it very easy for you to manage your inventory. Items that needs to be restock as well as out of stocks are few reports that aids your business.

Sales Tracking

Seamless App makes it easy to track all your sales per agent, per period or even per location. All at your finger tips. Detailed and accurate sales figures are provided by Seamless App.

Detailed Reporting

Seamless App provides you with detailed reportings that will keep your business alive. You can't miss this. All reports that will aid decisions are provided in it.

Point Of Sales Modules

Seamless App supports POS and the version 2 allows for barcode scanning. It makes your sales process absolutely seamless.

Real-Time Dashboard

Seamless App provides you will real-time analytics of your business thereby making business forecast seamless. Information provided are products of your feed on the app.


Seamless App provides notifications on risks that might affect the business. makes it very easy for you to manage your inventory. Seamless will provide you notifications that aids your business.


Seamless App allows all your businesses to sink into one single App. Whether your businesses are not same products. Seamless has already taken care of that. Business monitoring thus becomes easier.


Seamless App makes security a primary functionality in terms of roles and priviledges as well as documentations ensuring your business assets -Data is secured and protected.
Our Pricing Plan

The Best Price


₦ 4,000/Month

1GB Disk Space

Single Store

Multiple User

Backup & Data Encryption

Android App

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₦ 7,800/Month

2.5GB Disk Space

Multiple Store (Max 3)

Multiple Users

Backup & Data Encryption

Android App

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₦ 13,500/Month

4GB Disk Space

Multiple Stores (Max 7)

Multiple User

Backup & Data Encryption

Android App

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I lose my device, can I recover previous data?

No need for data loss. Your data is safe, secured, and accessible in the cloud.

What happens if my subscription expires?

You will still be able to access all your reports bt you wont be able to post data.

Do you offer trainings?

Yes, we offer both offline and online training on how to use Seamless App.

What do I need to have to use the system?

You will need internet-enabled devices like phone, tablets or computer system, internet, a printer (optional)

What if i get a new staff?

We train business owners to be able to train staff. Support is also provided from our end.

What is the mode of payment?

Transfer to our corporate account or Payment Gateways - Flutterwave.

Further questions on your mind?

Chat Us on WhatsApp - 08187700551.

Become An Affiliate

Affiliate Program

Choosing to become an Affiliate for Seamless App is one of your best decisions this year. The reason is that as we grow, our affiliates grow with us. We ensure as an affiliate, you are trained. We can refer clients to you and monthly you keep earning between 10 to 20% subscription of clients under you.

This also afford you the opportunity to be signed off into our affiliate program and be keep abreast of new developments on the App.

To become an affiliate, a Payment of N2,500 must be paid in the account below and mail us your proof of payment via our email - info@seamlessapp.com. On confirmation of your payment, we onboard you and other correspondent will follow suit via email. You can also reach our contacts on any findings about our affiliate program.

Account Number : 0790616135



Seamless App is an inventory Management App for Stores, Supermarkets and Shops. It allows business owners to customise how they sell (Quantifiers) and give their stock count in that unit.

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